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Tobias Hovey
Fire Chief
613-524-2932 / 613-764-5444

Aurèle Constantineau
Deputy Fire Chief
613-524-2932 / 613-764-5444


A Brief Historyfire

In 1998 the Townships of Cambridge, Calédonia and South Plantagenet and the Village of St. Isidore were amalgamated to form The Nation Municipality. As a result of this amalgamation the new municipality had five distinct fire departments: St. Isidore, St. Bernardin, Fournier, Limoges and St. Albert, each with their own Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief and their organisations.
In the fall of 1998 the municipality hired Ghislain Pigeon as Fire Coordinator on a part time basis.
On December 1st, 2004, the five Fire Departments were amalgamated into one to be known as The Nation Fire Department with Ghislain Pigeon named as Fire Chief.

Farms and rural properties have unique fire risks. Follow these simple steps to help protect your family and your investment. 

The Present Structure

Volunteer Fire Application

Currently, The Nation Municipality is not seeking candidates for the position of Volunteer Fire Application. We thank you for your interest.


Carbon Monoxide – Silent Killer

Install smoke alarms. It’s the law!

W.E.T.T inspections

By-law No. 148-2015 – User fees and Charges for Fire Services or activities

Fire Permits
Car Seat Installation
Fire Awareness and Special Events