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The Nation Municipality has experienced modest population growth over the last two decades. As seen in the 2016 census, The Nation’s population increased to 12,808 compared to 11,668 in 2011, an increase of 9.8%.

As presented in the Final Report  of the Prescott and Russell Economic Development Plan, The Nation exhibits higher concentrations of establishments in different sectors and therefore is better positioned to drive economic opportunity and progress.

To assess the concentration of establishments in each municipality, location quotient data from the OMAFRA REDDI tool calculated with Canadian Business Patterns Data from 2007 was used.

The following map (PDF- Figure 9) identifies the relative concentration of business establishments engaged in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting sectors across Prescott-Russell in 2007.  It is noted that The Nation exhibited very high concentrations of establishments in those sectors.

For the manufacturing sector (PDF – Figure 10), The Nation exhibited average concentrations of establishments.

In arts, entertainment, and recreation (PDF – Figure 12), The Nation exhibited average concentrations of establishments in the sector, while many other municipalities had low concentrations. In part, these concentrations match some of the more recent trends and developments in the sector, such as Calypso Themed Waterpark, but also the existing recreational assets like the Larose Forest.

In accommodation and food services (PDF – Figure 13), The Nation exhibited average concentrations of establishments.

Overall, the maps identify several sub-regional business development opportunities. Though they are based on business concentration alone, potential opportunities might include:

  • Businesses at the intersection of agriculture, recreation, tourism, and accommodations in the municipalities with average to high concentrations in those sectors, such as The Nation and Alfred and Plantagenet
  • Developments in recreation in close proximity to the Ottawa River and the Highway 417 corridor, regardless of existing business concentration

Housing developments continue to increase and local attractions are gaining more popularity.  The Nation’s demographics and climate for investments makes a strong argument to locate in the region.