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NEW : SEPTEMBER 2020 : A new commercial park to stimulate business growth in The Nation Municipality

Limoges is a great location for your business! It gives you easy access to Highway 417 through exit 79 and is close to the City of Ottawa. Through Highway 417, you can merge onto Highway 138 which gives you access to the City of Cornwall and the Seaway International Bridge to the USA. It’s the perfect location!

The Nation Municipality also gives you access to various major economic points of interest, all the while benefiting from a high-energy and bilingual workforce.

Lots for sale

September 2020 : Please consult the Press Release here.

Please consult the map to view available lots.

Looking for a lot for your business? Innovation Commercial Park is the right place for you! To help promote this commercial park, The Nation Municipality has decided to remove all development charges on commercial and industrial developments.

For permitted uses, please consult By-Law 61-2017.

  • These lots are serviced by their own services (water and septic field).
  • Three-phase service for Hydro is already available.
  • Fibre optic will be available.

All offers received will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

The purchase price is $38,500.00 per acre.

The Nation reserves the right to reject and/or counter any offer received.

Making an offer

All offers must be made on The Nation’s standard form offer available here and be accompanied by a deposit that is the greater of 1% of the Purchase Price or $1,000.00. The Purchaser will need to:

  • Insert its name on page 1;
  • Sign and date the offer on page 9;
  • Insert its notice information on page 10;
  • Fill in the legal description, purchase price and other details on page 11 (Schedule “A”); and
  • Insert any desired conditions on page 13 (Schedule “C”).

All interested parties must submit their offer to Guylain Laflèche by email at

All lots are subject to repurchase by The Nation for 90% of the purchase price in accordance with the Option to Repurchase Agreement forming part of the offer, if there is no construction within three years of the date of purchase.



As more particularly provided for in the standard form offer all Purchaser’s must agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • That the Purchaser has inspected the Property and is purchasing it in an “as is” condition relying entirely on its own due diligence investigations relating to the Property;
  • That there is no natural gas, water, sanitary sewer or storm sewer service to the Property and that the Purchaser will need to install at its expense private water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer services as part of its development of the Property;
  • That a Three-Phase service for Hydro exists in the public right of way. The Purchaser is solely responsible at its expense for connecting to such service and for any upgrades required to satisfy the Purchaser’s particular needs;
  • That the Property will be subject to a drainage easement along the side and/or rear property line;
  • That the Purchaser must substantially complete construction of a building or buildings on the Property with a minimum size of 1,000 square feet per acre of land per lot in accordance with a site plan approved by The Nation and obtain an occupancy permit therefor within three (3) years from the closing date of the purchase;
  • That for Parts 2, 5, 9, 10 and 48 on the plan, the front elevation of all buildings must consist of 20% brick or other comparable finish approved by The Nation Municipality;
  • That for Parts 2, 5 and 48 on the plan, the side elevation of all buildings must consist of 20% brick or other comparable finish approved by The Nation Municipality;
  • A maximum of 60% of the lot surface may be covered by impervious materials. A minimum of 40% of the lot surface must remain pervious for storm water management purposes unless the Purchaser provides engineering evidence to the contrary satisfactory to The Nation Municipality;
  • That prior to obtaining an occupancy permit for the building or buildings, the Purchaser shall not sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the Property to any third person without The Nation’s prior written consent, which consent may be arbitrarily refused;
  • That the signing of the agreement of purchase and sale and the subsequent closing of the purchase and sale transaction do not constitute approval of the Purchaser’s intended development of the Property and shall not fetter The Nation Municipality’s role as approval authority under applicable legislation including but not limited to the Planning Act and the Building Code Act;
  • That the Purchaser is solely responsible at its expense for confirming that the current Official Plan and zoning provisions applicable to the Property are suitable for the Purchaser’s intended development of the Property;
  • That the Purchaser is solely responsible at its expense for satisfying itself as to the availability and cost of obtaining site plan approval for its intended development of the Property and as to the availability and cost of any building permit, zoning or other approvals necessary for the Purchaser’s intended development of the Property; and
  • That various studies at the cost of the applicant (Purchaser) may be required by The Nation Municipality as part of the site plan approval process and that a letter of credit or other security will be required as a condition of site plan approval in an amount to be determined by The Nation Municipality in accordance with its standard approval process.