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Important Notice

Date: May 21, 2019

Recent routine testing of the drinking water from the Limoges Drinking Water System revealed that the sodium level was 30.1 mg/l (milligrams per litre of water) on April 25th, 2019 exceeding the upper limits (20 mg/l) of the recommended levels.

The Nation Municipality and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit would like to remind you that “Sodium is an essential element to human health and occurs naturally. It is soluble in water and the amount in any water supply may vary with the local ground water conditions. The amount of sodium in water is normally not a significant problem since most people consume far more sodium, primarily through the use of added salt, in their normal diet than they would consume from drinking water.

However, excess sodium can be a health problem for individuals who require a sodium-restricted diet due to a variety of medical reasons. If they require a reduced sodium diet they should consult their family physician regarding any precautions that he or she might suggest.”

If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 613-933-1375 or at 1-800-267-7120 and ask for the Health Line, or contact the Water Treatment Plant at 613-443-2195.