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So what happened at Levac Propane?
Dispatch received a call reporting a fire at Levac Propane at approximately 6 pm on Tuesday March 6th, 2018. The fire was in the tank refurbishing building and with the coordinated efforts of 3 of The Nation stations (St-Isidore, Fournier and St-Bernardin) and the Casselman Fire Department, the fire was contained mostly to the attic area of the building. During the intervention, The Nation’s two remaining stations (Limoges and St-Albert) supported the call by relocating trucks for coverage and supplying extra equipment and refreshments for what was needed to accomplish the task of controlling the fire.
Luckily, this location had a water source installed in an unused quarry for water supply, which allowed us to run a high volume of hoses to supply the trucks to combat the fire.

The fire was under control within 2 hours of the original call. At its peak, we had 45 firefighters on scene.

The Nation Fire Department wanted to confirm and highlight the fact that there were NO explosions despite many social media claims. We ask that you only trust information from our social media account or webpage only. Misinformation, in this case, can be quite disruptive and cause panic.

The cause of the fire was determined unknown.

We would also like to thank the O.P.P. and paramedics for their assistance during the call. We really appreciated your help!