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Village of Limoges Drinking Water and Wastewater Master Plan – Drinking Water Supply


In 2013, The Nation Municipality completed the DrinkingWater and Wastewater Master Plan for the Village of Limoges, which reviewed water and wastewater infrastructure requirements to satisfy long term development and growth. The preferred alternative for drinking water supply included: addition of two wells; expansion of the Limoges treatment plant and pumping station; new water storage facility; and, expansion of the water distribution network. The new water storage facility was completed in 2018. The other recommendations relating to water supply and treatment have not been implemented.

Recent discussions between The Nation Municipality and the City of Clarence-Rockland have resulted in the development of a new option to augment the water supply to the Village of Limoges, which was not previously considered in the Master Plan. An amendment to the Master Plan has been initiated to evaluate this new option. The Master Plan amendment will be limited to water supply alternatives and only these changes will be open for review. Water distribution and storage alternatives will not be reviewed through the amendment.

A public open house will be held to share the amendment information, as follows:

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019
6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Location: Limoges Community Centre (205 Limoges Road)

Following the public open house, the study team will finalize the preferred design and prepare the Amendment Report. The report will be placed on the public record for review in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Public consultation is an important part of the process and we are interested in hearing any comments that you may have about this study. Please send any comments or information requests to:

The Nation Municipality
Doug Renaud
Director of Water and Wastewater
Phone: 613.443.1425, x300

R.V. Anderson Associates LTD.
Beth Hamley, P. Eng.
EA Coordinator
Phone: 613.226.1844

City of Clarence-Rockland
Julian Lenhart
Director Infrastructure & Planning
Phone: 613.446.6022, x2270

Amendment Public Notice