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Following an article published in Le Droit today, Wednesday, October 30, 2019, The Nation Municipality would like to make a few clarifications regarding the cyberattack that hit Telmatik earlier this month.

The article in Le Droit could lead people to believe that The Nation Municipality’s servers were hit for a second time, which is not the case.

It’s in fact Tootelo Innovation Inc. (company that manages Telmatik) that was the target of a cyberattack on October 6, 2019.

The Nation Municipality contracts Telmatik to use their communication system to send voice messages, text messages and emails to its residents.

When The Nation Municipality was made aware of the cyberattack by the team at Telmatik at the beginning of this month, municipal staff immediately contacted the president of the company for more information. The president of the company then assured the municipality that no data had been compromised.

Telmatik’s services have since then been restored.