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Duties of the Fire Department:

The Fire Department counts 5 Fire Stations.

  • St. Bernardin Fire Station with Station Chief: Gabriel Lalonde,
  • St. Isidore Fire Station with Station Chief: Daniel Desforges,
  • Fournier Fire Station with Station Chief: Shawn Lavertue,
  • Limoges Fire Station with Station Chief: Daniel Voisine,
  • St. Albert Fire Station with Station Chief: Stephane Savage.


“Fire Protection” means a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of the Fire Department’s response area from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature and includes fire prevention, public education, rescue and suppression services:

  •  auto extrication is limited to basic extrication services for the Fournier, St-Albert and St-Bernardin Fire Stations,
  • full extrication services are offered by the Limoges and St-Isidore Fire Stations and the Casselman Fire Department,
  • rescue services, as it applies to water and ice rescue, is limited to levels 1 and 2 (shore-based and water entry) by the Fournier Fire Station,
  • medical emergency responses shall be limited to those services agreed to under By-Law No. 57-2003 (United Counties of Prescott Russell Tiered Response Agreement),
  • fire prevention is offered by all five stations through inspection and educating the public in ways to prevent fires from starting,
  • education is offered by all five stations though public festivals, municipal website, school visits and invitation to clubs, associations and events.


A Brief History

In 1998 the Townships of Cambridge, Calédonia and South Plantagenet and the Village of St. Isidore were amalgamated to form The Nation Municipality. As a result of this amalgamation the new municipality had five distinct fire departments: St. Isidore, St. Bernardin, Fournier, Limoges and St. Albert, each with their own Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief and their organisations.

In the fall of 1998 the municipality hired Ghislain Pigeon as Fire Coordinator on a part time basis.

On December 1st, 2004, the five Fire Departments were amalgamated into one to be known as The Nation Fire Department with Ghislain Pigeon named as Fire Chief, Aurèle Constantineau as West Sector Chief, Pascal Laviolette as East Sector Chief, Florent Bertrand as Limoges Station Chief, Yvon Genier as St-Albert Station Chief, Guy Longtin as St-Isidore Station Chief, Gilles Lalonde as St-Bernardin Station Chief and Tobias Hovey as Fournier Station Chief with a complement of 75 firefighters divided between the five stations.

On January 1st 2014, The Nation Municipality hired its first full time Fire Chief named Tobias Hovey. In doing so the positions of East and West District Chief were removed and one Deputy Fire Chief was named as Aurèle Constantineau.  

The Fire Department hierarchy now looks as so; Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Station Chiefs and a complement of 85 firefighters divided between the five stations.

The Casselman Fire Department responds to emergencies surrounding the Village of Casselman in The Nation Municipality sectors as per By-law 63-2016.


Tobias Hovey
Fire Chief
The Nation Fire Department

Florent Bertrand
Deputy Fire Chief
The Nation Fire Department