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Municipal By-Laws

The following by-laws of public interests are for information purposes only. While every effort was taken to ensure the accuracy of the documents, the following documents do not supersede the original by-laws.

Whereas most of the following by-laws are available only in English, we are currently working on translating by-laws of public interests. The Nation Council members have made a commitment to earmark funds annually for translating by-law starting in 2019 (resolution 249-2018).

If you have any questions or would like to see the original by-laws, please contact the Clerk, Josée Brizard, at 613-764-5444 extension 235 or by email at

The following by-laws are in alphabetical order. To view the By-law, please click on the tile.
Animal Control (and amendment)
ATV Trails
Building Permit Fees (and amendments)
Clean Yards (bilingual)
Council Procedural By-law
Energy Management Plan
Fences (and amendments)
Garbage and Recycling Rates
Littering (and amendments)
Lodging Houses (bilingual)
Open Air Fires (bilingual)
Outdoor Furnace
Parking (and amendments)
Prohibit Excessive Protective Elements to Land
Refreshment Vehicle / Business Licences
Swimming Pools (bilingual)
Tobacco By-law
Transient Traders (and amendments)
Use of French for the 2018 Municipal Elections
Waste Management and Fees
Water Usage (and amendment)
Zoning By-law