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Duties of the Public Works Department:

The Municipality is committed in providing the highest level of quality services to the residents of The Nation Municipality.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation, and new implementation of all roads and roads-related public infrastructure (roads, bridges, storm sewers, stormwater management ponds, street lighting, and roadway cycling facilities, sidewalks, boat ramps and parking lots).               

The Public Works Department is comprised of 7 services with the following duties:

  • Road System
  • Water & Sewer
  • Street Lighting
  • Recreation Parks
  • Municipal Landfill sites (dumps)
  • Municipal Drains
  • Tile Drainage Program

Public Works has recently been put in charge of the maintenance of recreation parks within the municipality.

The Municipality operates two water systems for the residents into the Villages of St-Isidore and Limoges and operates wastewater systems in five communities such as Limoges, St-Albert, St-Isidore, Fournier and St-Bernardin.

The Municipality owns landfill sites, there are three in operation located in St-Bernardin, Fournier and Limoges.  Public Works undertake an annual large items pick up for spring clean-up day and a hazardous waste collection day in October.

There are over 230 municipal drains under the Municipality’s care.  Physically, a municipal drain is simply a drainage system. Municipal drains were constructed to improve the drainage of agricultural land by serving as the discharge point for private agricultural tile drainage systems.  However, they also remove excess water collected by roadside ditches, residential lots in rural areas. Without them, many areas of the province would be subjected to regular flooding, reduced production from agricultural land and increased public health risks.

The Tile Drainage Program is announced yearly by the Ministry for the continuation of the program term. It allows municipalities to sell debentures to the Province to fund the installation of tile drainage on private agricultural land. A Ministry policy limits the amount of loan available to a farmer each year.


Please note that we now accept applications for permits to fill ditches in front of residential properties. For more information, call us at 613-524-2932.

Marc Legault
Director of Public Works
613-524-2932 EXT: 202

Eric Leroux
Drainage Superintendent
(613) 524-2932

Doug Renaud
Wastewater Manager

Joanne Bougie-Normand
Assistant to the Public Works Director
613-524-2932   EXT  207

Louise Borris
Accountant Clerk and Asset Management
613-524-2932    EXT.  200



To view road closures due to flooding, please click here; you will be redirected to the South Nation Conservation Map portal.