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In order to improve and simplify communication with you, The Nation is introducing a new communication system that will allow us to send you important and relevant municipal notices by telephone, text message and / or email! All of our notices will be posted on our website under Municipal Notices as well.

Notices sent by mail will be phased out by next year. This does not apply to the mailing of tax, water and sewer bills, unless you have registered for online billing.

How can we get municipal notices?

You can get a municipal notice by text, email or telephone message (automated voice message) or any combination thereof.

What kind of notices can you get?

When you register, you can select categories of municipal notices that you would like to receive. Here are the categories:

Categories that you will be automatically registered to:

  • Urgent / Important Municipal Notices (example emergencies, urgent notices or broad notices affecting the entire municipality)
Optional Categories:

  • Recreation (ex. programs, summer camp)
  • Environment and Waste (ex. updates)
  • Events (organized by The Nation)
  • Libraries (ex. events, notices)
  • Water and Sewers (ex. water boil advisory, water main breaks,)
  • Public Works (ex. road closures)
  • Request for tenders

How do I register?

It’s easy! Click on the button below and complete the short registration form.

Here are some tips:



How will my information be protected?

The only people who have access to your information will be municipal staff that manage the system and send out messages. All data is encrypted to ensure that there are no leaks.

Emergency Messages:

The communications system that we will be using will allow us to send a message in case of emergency to the municipality as a whole or to a specific location using a map (for example for residents on one street only for water main breaks or a radius around a location during a fire).

Having trouble registering? Call us at 613-764-5444.

Note: Don’t forget to check your junk mail folder if you did not receive a confirmation by email!