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The Police Services Act requires that municipalities in Ontario prepare and adopt a Community Safety and Well-being Plan (CSWB) by July 1, 2021. The Act outlines requirements for an advisory committee, consultation and establishing priority risks. A CSWB plan must show outcomes and measurables with strategies to meet them. The framework for planning was provided by the Province.

Municipalities are required to engage with partners to develop the plan and are required to consider data from multiple sources across the broad range of issues and factors.
The CSWB plan must include the following core information:

  • Local priority risk factors that have been identified based on community consultations and multiple sources of data including data from Statistics Canada as well as local sector-specific information.
  • Evidence-based programs and strategies to address those priority risk factors.
  • Measurable outcomes with associated performance measures to ensure that the strategies are effective, and the outcomes are being achieved.

A CSWB plan identifies risks and proactively develops evidence-based strategies and programs to address local priorities related to crime and complex social issues. These
strategies can then be implemented.

The vision is to work together to support and promote sustainable communities where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, access to services, and where
individuals and families can meet their education, health care, food, housing, income, social and cultural needs.

Developing a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is about working together to ensure the right services get to the right people at the right time. It involves an integrated approach to service delivery by working with a wide range of agencies and organizations, and to build on the many successful efforts that contribute to a strong sense of safety and well-being in our community.
A Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is about preventive action and identifies areas to promote and maintain community safety and well-being through social development, and proactively reduces risk through prevention programs and activities.

The Nation Community and Well-Being Plan

The Nation Municipality’s Council is proud to have adopted The Nation Community and Well-Being Plan during their regular meeting held June 14th, 2021.