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Dog Waste Bins in Limoges

Dog poop binSixteen (16) dog waste bins were installed by The Nation Municipality to collect ONLY plastic bags containing dog excrement. This is the fruit of another initiative by the Limoges Citizens’ Committee.

If you are a dog owner, these bins will make it simpler for you to dispose of your dog’s poop in a respectful manner.

3 simple steps: Take plastic bags with you on your walks with your dog, poop and scoop and drop your filled bags in the closest bin.

The bins located at the following strategic points across the village of Limoges will be emptied on a weekly basis by municipal staff:

  • Savage and Giroux
  • Bourdeau near Asselin
  • Bourdeau near Chad
  • Bourdeau near Royal Court
  • Oceane and Chad
  • Main at Herbert
  • Main at Mabel
  • Limoges Rd at Main
  • Limoges Rd at Herbert
  • Limoges Rd at Claude
  • Des Pins near South Indian
  • South Indian at trail to the park
  • South Indian near Honoré
  • Linda near Constantineau
  • Corner of Linda St & Limoges Rd
  • En of Des Benevoles

Not only are plastic bags or dog poop left on the ground around the Village a health risk but they are also an eyesore for everyone.   It is YOUR civic responsibility as a dog owner to pick up after your dog at all times, be it on private or public property.

These small gestures on your daily routines will help maintain a clean environment for all of us. Do your part and pick up after yourself and your dog.  Thank you for your contribution.

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Dog Waste Bins in St-Isidore

Three (3) bins designated specifically for dog’s excrement plastic bags were purchased and installed by the Public Works Department at the following strategic points across the village of St-Isidore:

  • Corner of Lamoureux St & County Road 3
  • Arena St near the ball park
  • Caledonia Road

They will be emptied on a weekly basis.