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NOTICES : You can still order green garbage stickers. Please call 613-764-5444, extension 227 to place your order: your garbage stickers will be mailed to you along with the invoice.

Garbage and recycling collection

Mike’s Waste Disposal Inc. performs the waste and recycling collection service for The Nation Municipality and uses two trucks, one for garbage and one for recycling. To note that both collections are done on the same day, but there might be a delay between the two pick-ups.

Blue box

What goes in your blue box

The Nation Municipality is no longer providing recycling bins. Many stores and store chains sell them.  We also recommend the use of transparent blue recyclable bags. Using these bags will prevent items, for example, from being carried by the wind. See picture.

Blue transparent garbage bag containing empty cans

Blue transparent garbage bag containing empty cans

Recycle Action – Chart for accepted materials in recycling bins

Note: All containers must be clean!

  • Glass bottles and jars: Recycle all glass food and beverage containers. Remove lids and caps. Rinse containers. Not necessary to remove labels. DO NOT INCLUDE: other types of glass such as dishes, windowpanes, light bulbs and mirrors.
  • Food an beverage cans: Rinse aluminium and steel cans. Not necessary to remove labels, pinch top or flatten cans. DO NOT INCLUDE: frozen juice cans (unless all metal), metal pots or other metal products.
  • Newspapers and inserts: Place newspapers, flyers, catalogues, magazines, telephone books and hardcover books and photocopy paper in your blue box.
  • Containers PET#1, 2, 5, 7 (code on bottom of container): Soft drink or juice containers. Remove and discard lids and rinse containers.
  • Plastic containers: All plastic containers are acceptable such as Javex, fabric softener, spring water and juice containers. Place loosely in blue box. DO NOT INCLUDE: oil and toxic product containers, foam plates and cups, drink boxes, plastic film or plastic tops plastic bags.
  • Corrugated cardboard: Flatten boxes and tie in bundles no longer than 60 cm (24”) long, 40 cm(16”) wide and 15 cm (6”) high. Bundles may be placed on top of or beside blue box. NOTE: if not done this way, cardboard will be left behind.
  • Boxboard: Flatten cereal boxes, soap boxes, rice boxes, etc. These must be clean, empty, free of all plastics and metal bands and tied in bundles.
  • Brown paper bags: Brown grocery bags are recyclable.
  • Fine paper: Fine paper, office, computer, coloured paper, envelopes and note pad paper.
  • Aluminum trays and foil: Include clean, rigid foil containers such as pie plates, fast food trays, aluminum foil paper. DO NOT INCLUDE: aluminum trays or foil soiled with food scraps or grease. No foil with paper or plastic lamination, no butter, candy, cigarette wrapping, no yoghurt lids. No metalized plastic chip boxes.

Acceptable garbage bag/container

Maximum size of garbage bags shall not exceed 30” x 38”.  Smaller bags should be placed in a garbage can not exceeding 125 litres or a bag.

Starting May 1st, 2019, 64-gallon containers will no longer be accepted during garbage pick-ups.

Garbage bag limit

By-Law 4-2015, as amended, implements, among other things, a two (2) bag limit per property per week.

If you wish to dispose of more than two bags (2) per week, bag stickers may be purchased at a cost of $1 each, as per By-Law 108-2016. These stickers can be purchased at any of our municipal offices, landfill sites or libraries. Please note that stickers can only be put on bags.

When and where to put your garbage and recycling

Put your recycling at the curb any time after 7 p.m. the evening prior to your collection day and no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Place your box(es) and garbage bag(s) on the ground as close as possible to the roadway, but not on the sidewalk, roadway or on top of a snow bank.

Collection schedule


  • Seguinbourg
  • North of Route 500 West (Rainville Sideroad, Lafontaine Sideroad & Lebrun Sideroad)
  • All of Route 100 East, Route 200 East, Route 300 East, Route 400 East & Route 500 East
  • Route 400 West
  • Cambridge Forest Estates
  • All rural area north of Route 500 East and West (except Village of Limoges, Racette Sideroad, Gagnon Sideroad and Des Pins Street)
  • Calypso Street


  • South of Route 500 West
  • Rural area west of South Nation River
  • All of Route 650
  • Route 600 East
  • Gagne Sideroad
  • All of the Village of St-Albert


  • All of the former Township of South Plantagenet
  • Village of Ste-Rose
  • Village of Riceville
  • Village of Fournier
  • Village of Pendleton


  • All of the former Township of Caledonia
  • Village of St-Bernardin
  • Village of St-Isidore
  • East of Caledonia Road
  • Concession Road 1, 2 & 3 (north of the Alfred Bog)


  • Forest Park
  • All of the Village of Limoges
  • Racette Sideroad
  • Aime Road
  • Gagnon Sideroad
  • Des Pins Street up to Bertrand Sideroad

Statutory holidays

There will be garbage and recycling pick-up on all Statutory Holidays with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, where recycling and garbage collection schedules will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the week, with Saturday making up for the missed day.

For example, for the year 2020, if your collection day falls on Christmas Day, which is on Friday, December 25, 2020, collection would shift to Saturday, December 26, 2020.

Business and farm waste and recycling collection

The Nation is now offering waste and recycling collection services to businesses and farms. Residential standards will apply for a quantity of 2 plastic bags (76 cm by 96 cm) or one 125 litres container for non-recyclable waste and the equivalency of three regular recycling blue boxes for one 125 litres container (clearly identified) for recyclable materials.

Application form

Report a problem

To report a problem with your recycling and waste collection, please contact Daniel R. Desforges by phone at 613-764-5444 ext. 222, or by email at