The Innovation Business Park in Limoges

The Innovation Business Park in Limoges was built to better stimulate commercial development and meet the needs of businesses wishing to expand.

The Nation Municipality is committed to helping entrepreneurship and the growth of these businesses. Finding, buying and developing land on which to establish a business is a long and expensive process. In order to facilitate access to a property, La Nation has taken the initiative to develop such lots. The initiative directly helps growing small businesses find a place that is affordable and simple. The business park allows a number of businesses to be concentrated in one place. This makes it easier to get better services; 3-phase electricity, fiber optic internet service, easy access for deliveries, etc.

On April 23rd, 2021, The Nation Municipality was pleased to announce that all lots at the new Innovation Business Park in Limoges had been sold.  

  • The Innovation Business Park is located on Pommainville Road, near Calypso Road, 4km East of Chemin Limoges.
  • Some businesses have already started construction  
  • The arrival of these 14 companies corresponds to 162 direct jobs in Limoges.
  • More than 115,000 square feet of commercial buildings are planned.

The Nation Municipality welcomes the following businesses to the park :


For more information:

The Innovation Business Park in Limoges

1752 Innovation Road

Limoges, ON  K0A 2M0


Guylain Laflèche
Planning Director
613-764-5444 ext 229