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The Nation Municipality is committed to communicating important and relevant information during emergency situations.

In the event of an emergency, The Nation will provide information and updates on various platforms. At a minimum, information and updates will be available on:

  • The Nation’s Website 
  • Facebook
  • Alertable


Depending on the situation and location, information and updates may also be available on: 

  • The Nation’s Newsletter
  • Electronic Display Board in Limoges and St-Albert
  • YouTube
  • Newspapers (Edition André Paquette’s Le Reflet News and Tribune Express that are freely delivered to residents). 
  • Others, as required. 

The Emergency Communication Plan, developed within the Emergency Management Plan’s framework, outlines communication procedures in case of emergencies. (In progress)

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Changing Alert and Communications Service Please note that the agreement between the Municipality and Telmatik for the dissemination of information and messages ends on June 30. The Municipality will transition to another platform, ALERTABLE, on July 1. ACTION IS REQUIRED to continue receiving notifications. If you wish to continue using the alert service, sign up to Alertable!

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The Nation Municipality newsletters are produced by the Communications Department for the benefit of the public.

Our goal is to provide our residents with relevant information regarding project updates, Council decisions, notices, events and more!

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The members of The Nation Council are always available to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact them by phone or email.

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Council meetings

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The Nation Offices

The Nation Municipality has two offices. The Main Office in Casselman and the Satellite Office in Fournier

Main Office

958, route 500 West,

Casselman ON K0A 1M0

Phone : 613-764-5444

Fax : 613-764-3310

Satellite Office

3248, County Road 9

Fournier ON K0B 1G0

Phone : (613)524-2932

Fax : (613)524-1140