The Arts

White and red way cross

The Franco-ontarien culture

The Nation Municipality is a predominantly Francophone community. A Franco-Ontarian stronghold that represents approximately 68% of the total population. This Francophone cultural heritage is clearly visible throughout the community.

  • Wayside crosses are erected at the four corners of The Nation. A French historical expression dating from the early 1900s.
  • A monument to the Francophonie was erected on the site of the St-Albert cheese factory in St-Albert.
  • The mega show L’écho d’un Peuple was presented from 2004 to 2008. More than 105,000 spectators attended the greatest epic ever told, played under the stars in a fairytale setting in the heart of the Drouin Centenary Farm in The Nation Municipality.
  • We recommend the television series FranCoeur, the first Canadian drama series to be made outside Quebec co-produced by Franco-Ontarian Robert Charbonneau. The series tells the eventful life of a young seducer, Luc Francœur, torn between his personal ambitions and the harsh reality of today’s dairy farming community.

Expression of the Arts

The Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is the go-to organization that represents arts and culture in The Nation and the Prescott-Russell region. Find art in all its forms of expression made by local people.

The Prescott Russell Arts Council is a non-profit organization whose mission consists in:

  • Informing the community about the various cultural, artistic and heritage events in the region;
  • Bringing together actors from the spheres of culture, arts and heritage,
  • Supporting the implementation of unifying initiatives; and
  • Promoting Prescott and Russell’s arts, culture and heritage.


Farm silo painted by an artist


Popsilos, a most original idea that exhibits urban art in the countryside, was born during Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations. Discover these giant paintings on silos across The Nation and in the United Counties of Prescott-Russell.

Popsilos is artwork on silos.
The Popsilos project combines art and agrifood tourism in a circuit that leads to five giant murals celebrating Canada’s 150th on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, interlacing small producers where visitors can discover local produce and products.

Got a few hours? Take a countryside road trip that will put you on a sensory journey through Prescott-Russell. Be in awe of the giant artworks painted on farm silos.  See the glowing fields. Smell the heat burning the long grass. Knock on a few producers’ doors to taste the counties.

Colored painted cow

Hey cow, I see you now!

“Hey Cow, I see you now” is an exhibition of life-size fiberglass cows painted by artists from Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa-Gatineau region, installed in front of farms, businesses and organizations in the St. Albert area.

The public is invited to visit the exhibition by following a 30km circuit available on the St-Albert Curd Festival’s website.  The enthusiastic response from the public last year led the Festival organizers to add, in 2021, new works of art to the landscape of St-Albert and the surrounding area.

On the St-Albert Curd Festival’s website, the public can find a photo gallery of all the cows present in the area with the list of artists who have contributed to the project. In addition, a circuit on an interactive map allowing people to see all the locations of the cows is available on the site as well as a route with “Google Maps” which they can use in GPS mode to navigate the route.

A bench and a microphone on stage

Our artists and artisans

Despite the population, the region is full of talent. We highlight their perseverance and achievement.

Among the artists from The Nation area :

Katherine Levac

  • Professional comedian native of St-Bernardin, recently host of the reality show L’Amour est dans le pré.

Photo of comedian Katherine Levac

Mélissa Ouimet

  • singer – Native of St-Albert

Photo of singer Melissa Ouimet

Discover Urban Art in Rural Areas

Urban art in rural areas—One of the experiences in French in The Nation

Always within a few degrees of separation from services in French, discover one of the tourist experiences in The Nation: "In Eastern Ontario, if you’re looking for local produce, you don’t need GPS, just find the Popsilos! This is urban art, this is living art, this is art ... of the fields!"

Central Counties Railway

Central Counties Railway

This documentary is about a local railway that once existed in Cheney, Ontario Canada. This video shows how the railway impacted the area and is interconnected to persons, places and events.

Our History

The St-Bernard Church in Fournier

The historical importance of the Catholic religion has shaped the history and mores of our communities. All communities and villages in the area have their own church. The St-Bernard Church in Fournier is distinguished by its paintings and architecture. Take the opportunity to make a detour and take a look. Check the calendar to see the open house dates!


Contact Michel-André Lavergne for a private visit.

Interior of Fournier church

Images of the Saint-Bernard church.

Gagnon Village

The former Village Gagnon was very active in the late 1800s with the cutting of large pine trees that were sawn and sent by train to Montreal to be shipped to England for use in boat building. In 2002, a group of volunteers from the former Village Gagnon met and decided to revive this site.

The public can reserve the park and the infrastructures for social or family gatherings. For reservations, please call us at 613-524-2529.

The Parc Gagnon historic house can also accommodate visitors. Just make an appointment. Write to us at


Vue extérieure maison du Parc Gagnon

Images of Parc Gagnon

Presentation on Village Gagnon organized by the Heritage and Culture Steering Committee of The Nation as part of National Heritage Week 2024:

Lemieux’s tragic fate

A local natural disaster. Discover Lemieux’s cemetery and what remains of the village following the landslide of 1993. The only village in Ontario that ceased to exist for geological, not economic reasons.

Image of a landslide in Lemieux

The St-Isidore Recreation Centre’s mural

Discover this mural that represents the 100 years of history of St-Isidore and the people who shaped it.

Mural on the St-Isidore Arena

Caledonia Springs

Caledonia Springs, a small community near Alfred in Eastern Ontario, was the most important spa resort in Canada at the end of the 19th century. It was the glorious days of hydrotherapy when Caledonia Springs was still a must-see for many wealthy Canadians and Americans. And yet, very few people know its history and today, only a few vestiges of that past remain.

Old photo of the Caledonia Springs Hotel

Hop dryer

Are you a beer lover? Discover the history of hop cultivation in The Nation at the beginning of the 20th century. There are still today, along the Ridge in Fournier, some hop dryer buildings.

Hop drying building

Séchoir de houblon à l'abandon

The Heritage Commitee

The Nation Municipality,  under the leadership of Councilor Tim Stewart, is working to set up a heritage committee made up of members of the community. Are you a history buff with the local cultural identity tattooed on your heart? Let us know, we need you.

Send us an email!