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Dogs in The Nation

Have you found a lost dog? Call us at 613-764-5444. See below for more information on stray dogs, barking dogs, and vaccination against rabies.

Stray Dogs

NEW: At the Monday, December 6th 2021 meeting, The Nation’s Council approved the abolition of dog registrations. Residents will also not longer have to purchase dog tags. For more details, write to us here.

A dog is considered to be a stray dog if found in any place other than the premises of the dog’s owner and not under the control of a responsible person.

Stray dogs may be seized and impounded by the Municipality. Impound fees must be paid before the dog is released to its owner.

Supervise your dog at all times. Stray dogs may injure themselves or may become lost. They may also attack livestock, wildlife, other dogs or people. Under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, the Court may order that the dog be strictly controlled or even destroyed if it has attacked or bitten.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs may disturb the peace and quiet of persons in the neighbourhood. Owners of dogs that bark in this way are in violation of the Animal Control By-law. Respond immediately to your dog’s barking and do not let it continue. Barking or whining is your dog’s way of communicating. Ensure that your dog’s basic needs are met:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Companionship

Train your dog not to bark needlessly.

Stoop and Scoop

Failure to pick up after your dog is a municipal by-law offence.

Dog waste bins in Limoges

Sixteen (16) dog waste bins were installed by The Nation Municipality to collect ONLY plastic bags containing dog excrement. This is the fruit of another initiative by the Limoges Citizens’ Committee.

If you are a dog owner, these bins will make it simpler for you to dispose of your dog’s poop in a respectful manner.

3 simple steps: Take plastic bags with you on your walks with your dog, poop and scoop and drop your filled bags in the closest bin.

The bins located at the following strategic points across the village of Limoges will be emptied on a weekly basis by municipal staff:

  • Savage and Giroux
  • Bourdeau near Asselin
  • Bourdeau near Chad
  • Bourdeau near Royal Court
  • Oceane and Chad
  • Main at Herbert
  • Main at Mabel
  • Limoges Rd at Main
  • Limoges Rd at Herbert
  • Limoges Rd at Claude
  • Des Pins near South Indian
  • South Indian at trail to the park
  • South Indian near Honoré
  • Linda near Constantineau
  • Corner of Linda St & Limoges Rd
  • En of Des Benevoles

Not only are plastic bags or dog poop left on the ground around the Village a health risk but they are also an eyesore for everyone.   It is YOUR civic responsibility as a dog owner to pick up after your dog at all times, be it on private or public property.

These small gestures on your daily routines will help maintain a clean environment for all of us. Do your part and pick up after yourself and your dog.  Thank you for your contribution.

Dog Waste Bins in St-Isidore

Three (3) bins designated specifically for dog’s excrement plastic bags were purchased and installed by the Public Works Department at the following strategic points across the village of St-Isidore:

  • Corner of Lamoureux St & County Road 3
  • Arena St near the ball park
  • Caledonia Road

They will be emptied on a weekly basis.

Updated standards of care for dogs kept outdoors and dogs tethered outdoors

The updated standards of care for dogs kept outdoors and dogs tethered outdoors are now in effect as of July 1, 2022.  To further support owners and custodians of dogs kept outdoors or dogs tethered outdoors, please consult the Updated Frequently Asked Questions, which will help address additional questions regarding the updated standards.


It is mandatory for all dogs and cats kept within the limits of The Nation Municipality to be vaccinated against Rabies. Contact your veterinarian or visit the annual Rabies Clinic, normally held every September by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.



No person shall keep, in or about a dwelling unit within The Nation Municipality more than three (3) dogs over twenty (20) weeks of age unless such premises are:

  1. licensed by The Nation Municipality as a boarding kennel, in home breeding kennel, recreational kennel or pet shop
  2. registered with The Nation Municipality as premises where dogs are receiving temporary foster care, or
  3. an accredited veterinary facility under the supervision of a veterinarian licensed pursuant to the Veterinarians Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter V.3, as amended.



This By-law applies to all persons and to the licensing of dog kennels referred to in this By-law within The Nation Municipality.


No person shall keep or harbor more than 3 dogs except where they are kept in a kennel located in accordance with the provisions of the By-law, regulations within the applicable zoning By-law and all applicable law.


No person shall keep a kennel for breeding or boarding of dogs without first having received a kennel license from the municipality.


Every kennel license shall expire on the 31st day of March following the date it is issued unless it is renewed for one or more further one year terms. No such license may be renewed except in accordance with the provisions of this and all relevant By-laws and Regulations. License fees shall be in accordance with Schedule “B” attached to and forming part of this By-law.


In the event of the death of a person to whom a kennel license has been issued under the By-law, that license shall be deemed to have been granted to his personal representative and shall be subject to the provisions of this By-law with respect to revocation thereof or otherwise.


Where an owner or operator of a kennel fails to comply with the Animal Care and Control By-law of The Nation Municipality, the license may be suspended or revoked.


No kennel shall be erected or maintained unless approval has been obtained from the manager.


Every person who owns and/or operates a kennel shall comply with the requirements set out in the “Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations”.


No kennel structure, or part thereof, shall be used for human habitation.


Every person who owns and/or operates a kennel shall permit a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, The OSPCA, Animal Welfare Investigators, the Chief Building Official or his/her designate under the Building Code Act, or such other persons as may be appointed by council to enter and inspect the kennel at all reasonable times, upon production of proper identification, for the purposes of determining compliance with this By-law.


Notwithstanding the above, the granting of a kennel license shall not be refused under this By-law for reasons only of the location of such building where such building was being used as a kennel for the breeding or boarding of dogs prior to the coming into force of this By-law.


Licensing fees for dogs

1.1 Kennel/Purebred license: $100.00

1.2 Kennel/Purebred license: $100.00

1.3 Late payment (90 days after anniversary date of registration), $20.00 plus licence fee.


Pound Fees

2.1 Pick-up and impounding: $50.00

2.2 Daily pound fee: $30.00”


Disposing of Animal

3.1 Disposition of Animal Fee – $95.00


Kennel or breed dog License

Please fill out this form for Kennel or breed dog license

Kennel or breed dog License

Sub Text Heading
Name and address of land owner(Required)
Do you offer dog training, breeding, or boarding services for the public?(Required)
Max. file size: 150 MB.



Woman and her dog sitting by a camp fire.

Open Air Fires

If you intend to light a fire with a base smaller than 1 square metre, you do not need a permit. If the flame base is bigger than 1 square metre, please apply for a permit.

Fire Bans

Notices of Fire Bans will be posted on our Emergency Services and Programs Section.

Apply for a Fire Permit

Apply for a fire permit by filling out the application form.

What happens next?

Once the completed application form is received by the Municipality, a By-law Enforcement Officer will visit the intended location to ensure that the fire can be lit safely and that the intended location conforms to the terms of the By-law. The Officer may issue the permit, issue the permit with conditions, or refuse to issue the permit.  Please allow 48 hours for an application to be processed.

Reasons for refusing to issue a fire permit

The By-law Enforcement Officer will refuse to issue a fire permit under one or more of the following conditions:

  • The intended location of the fire is less than 50 metres from a neighbouring dwelling.
  • The intended location of the fire is less than 150 metres from a wooded area without snow cover.
  • Weather conditions are too dry to allow for safe burning.
  • The smoke from the intended fire might create a danger to vehicular traffic.
  • The intended fire may burn out of control or present some other danger.

After the fire permit is issued

There is a fee of $25 for the permit.  Payment can be made in person at The Nation’s office or you can send a check by mail.  The applicant will receive a fire permit that must be present at the location of the fire while the fire is burning. Before lighting the fire, the applicant must telephone 1-888-870-8883 to advise the fire dispatch centre that they will be lighting a fire for which a permit has been issued. The dispatch centre will have already received a copy of the permit from the By-law Enforcement Officer.

Ce qu’il ne faut pas brûler

Whether a fire permit is required or not, it is prohibited to burn the following:

  • Tires, plastic, rubber or petroleum products.
  • Grass, weeds or other vegetation rooted in the ground.

The burning of ditches, lawns and fields is prohibited. These types of fires are the most difficult to control and pose the highest danger of spreading. Smoke from the burning of roadside ditches creates a hazard for vehicular traffic.

Please be advised that there will no longer be free fire permits during the winter months. Fire permits are $25.00 for one month.

For more information, please contact us at 613-764-5444.

Photo de feux d'artifice multicolores


The Nation Municipality regulates the discharge of consumer and display fireworks within its boundaries for the safety and well-being of its residents.

Highlights of the Fireworks by-law

  • Les lanternes volantes et les pétards sont interdits en tout temps.
  • Les feux d’artifice grand public ne peuvent être allumés que lors de la fête du Canada, de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste et de la fête de Victoria (y compris la veille et le lendemain de ces jours fériés) dans les zones situées à l’extérieur des zones résidentielles (R1, R2, R3 et R4).
  • Une demande d’exemption doit être approuvée par le directeur de l’application des lois municipales si des feux d’artifice destinés aux consommateurs doivent être utilisés à des dates non autorisées.
  • Les feux d’artifice pour les événements nécessitent un permis délivré par le directeur de l’application de la loi municipale. Visitez la page Demandes, permis et licences pour postuler.

Residential Zones

La municipalité de Nation régit la décharge des feux d’artifice de consommation et d’affichage dans ses limites pour la sécurité et le bien-être de ses résidents. Les feux d’artifice ne peuvent pas être tirés dans les zones résidentielles (R1, R2, R3 ET R3).

Pour savoir si votre propriété est dans un quartier résidentiel, veuillez consulter ces cartes des zones résidentielles R1, R2, R3 et R4. En cas de doute, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous au 613-764-5444 et à parler à un membre du personnel.

Lecteur de décibels


Apply for a Fire Permit

“Noise” is defined as being a noise nuisance or sounds that can disturb the people of the municipality of La Nation.

How much noise is too much noise?

Determining how much noise is too much noise can be complicated. People differ in their tolerance for noise; some are more sensitive to noise than others. Other factors must also be considered when determining whether a particular noise is disturbing or not. These factors include the time of day the noise occurs, the duration of the noise, and the location of the noise. For example, a Weed Eater being operated at 2:00 p.m. might not be considered bothersome, whereas the same machinery being operated at 2:00 a.m. would likely generate complaints.

The municipal Noise By-law recognizes the need for flexibility and has established different levels of acceptable noise for different situations. The by-law prohibits noise from the following activities between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.: blowing horns, yelling, shouting, singing, whistling, construction, trade, loading and unloading of materials, and mowing lawns.

What can I do if I am disturbed by noise?

Try to resolve the matter

Noise problems can often be resolved in a courteous fashion without involving municipal staff. If you feel comfortable doing so, approach the person making the noise and talk to them about your concerns. They may be completely unaware that they are creating a disturbance.

Become informed

In addition to reading the information on this page, read the municipal By-Laws governing noise. The Animal Control By-law governs barking or howling dogs; the Noise By-law governs all other types of noise. The by-laws will tell you what types of noise are permitted and during which hours.

Call the Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer

If you are not comfortable resolving the issue on your own, or if your attempts fail, call the Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer at 613-764-5444. Since noise is defined as disturbing a resident, you must provide your name, address, and phone number when making a complaint involving noise.

Before calling the By-law Enforcement Officer, be prepared to give a detailed and accurate description of the problem including:

  • What type of activity is causing the noise?
  • What type of equipment or tool(s) is being used?
  • What days and what time of day is the noise occurring?
  • How long has the noise been a problem?
  • What efforts have you made to resolve the issue?
  • What are some possible solutions?

Enforcement Action

A Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer will investigate the situation. If the Officer determines that there is a violation of the Noise By-law, the Officer will send a notice. Please be advised that the Officer will ask that a witness statement form be completed if the noise continues.

Need an exemption for an event?

The Noise By-law allows the granting of exemptions for specified time periods up to six months in duration by resolution of the Municipal Council. Persons wishing to obtain an exemption must submit an application to the Municipality. Before deciding on whether to grant the exemption, Council will give the applicant as well as any person opposed to the exemption an opportunity to be heard. Council may also grant an exemption with certain terms and conditions attached that must be respected.

Cars parked along a residential road in autumn.


Parking along roadways is regulated in The Nation Municipality. Important: Winter Parking Prohibition is in effect on streets between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 1st until April 1st.

Parking is prohibited under the following circumstances whether signs have been erected or not:

  • In or within 6 metres of an intersection
  • Within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
  • On or partly over a sidewalk
  • On or within 6 metres of a crosswalk
  • In front of a church during a funeral service
  • In any manner that obstructs traffic (includes double parking)
  • Obstructing a private entrance
  • On a bridge
  • For the purpose of selling a vehicle
  • During snow removal and street sweeping operations
  • On streets between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 1st until April 1st

Defaulted parking fines and denial of plate renewal

General Information

In Ontario, the registered plate holder is normally held legally responsible for most parking infractions associated with any vehicle bearing the plate holder’s license plate. If a fine is not paid, the Court may order the Ministry of Transportation to deny the renewal of plate registration or the issuance of a new permit to the plate holder.

Denial of plate renewal (Plate Denial)

A “PLATE DENIAL” Court order requires the Ministry of Transportation to deny the plate holder:

  • The renewal of the validation sticker of the license plate associated with the defaulted fine
  • A refund or credit for the return of any validated plates except to pay the defaulted fine amount owing
  • The option of ordering or reordering “Own Choice” plates
  • The option of obtaining or attaching other plates when the plate associated with the defaulted fine becomes inactive or is not renewed UNTIL THE DEFAULTED FINE AMOUNT OWING IS PAID

Payment of Defaulted Parking Fines

Defaulted parking fines reported to the Ministry of Transportation can be paid at any Driver and Vehicle License Office.


With a few exceptions, if you intend to install a sign larger than 0.28 square metres (3 square feet) you must first obtain a sign permit from the Municipality.

Applying for a sign permit

The completed application form and two copies of plans for the proposed sign including size, content, and location must be submitted to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department along with the permit fee ($100) and the performance deposit ($1,000).

Please note that the performance deposit will be refunded once the sign is installed in compliance with the permit.

What happens next?

The application will be verified by the following departments;

  • The Building Department, to determine whether a building permit is required
  • The Zoning Department, to verify that the location and size of the sign complies with the Zoning By-law
  • The Municipal Law Enforcement Department, to verify that the content and nature of the sign comply with the Sign By-law.

Location, Location, Location

The Sign By-law prohibits the placement of signs on public road easements, on public property under the jurisdiction of the municipality, or by nailing, riveting, screwing or drilling holes into posts on public property.

If you intend to install a sign within the road allowance of a county road, you will be required to include written permission from the United Counties of Prescott & Russell with your application.

With a few exceptions, all signs must be at least 3 metres (10 feet) from a public road allowance and 1.5 metres (5 feet) from adjacent property lines.


Except for the company name, all contents of new commercial signs must be bilingual. The dimensions and style of lettering must be identical in English and French.

Prohibited Content

The Sign By-law prohibits the following content:

  • Skeletons, skull and crossbones, or any other gruesome image
  • Nude human body, erotic or pornographic scenes
  • Shapes or colours that could be mistaken for traffic lights or traffic signs
Pregnant woman watering shrubs with a hose.


The Nation Municipality prohibits the use of water from municipal water works for the purpose of watering lawns, gardens, flowers, hedges, or any other vegetation outside any building between May 1st and September 30th of any year.

It’s the Law

The Nation Municipality prohibits the use of water from municipal water works for the purpose of watering lawns, gardens, flowers, hedges, or any other vegetation outside any building between May 1st and September 30th of any year. For more information, please see by-law number 53-2021.


  • Persons located at odd numbered buildings hall be permitted to water lawns, gardens, flowers, hedges or any other vegetation outside on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m
  • Persons located at even numbered buildings shall be permitted to water lawns, gardens, flowers, hedges or any other vegetation outside on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • No outside watering will be permitted on Sundays.
  • Persons watering manually are permitted to water at any time.

Declaration of Total Ban on Watering

The Municipality may suspend any or all of the above exceptions in the event of an emergency, such as drought, equipment failure, or strain on water resources caused by a major fire. When and if the exceptions are suspended, a notice will be sent to all affected residents by bulk mail.

Hands of the carpenter holding electric screwdriver building a fence


Did you know you need a permit to build a fence?

What type of information is required in a Location Plan?

Location plans shall be drawn to scale, be legible, and indicate the nature and extent of the work in sufficient detail to establish that the completed work will conform the applicable law.

The Permit process, Step by Step:

  • Submit application.
  • Wait. The review process may take a few days or weeks depending on the project and on workload.
  • Receive results of the review. If the project is in compliance with building and zoning regulations, a permit will be issued. If denied, you can make the required revisions to the application and resubmit.
  • Receive Permit. Once the fees are paid, construction can begin according to revised plans.
  • Call for inspections. Each building project has to be inspected at different stages.

Is there a cost?

The permit fee is $20.00

Sentier bordé d'arbres à la Forêt Larose

Trails, Hunting and firearms

Did you know The Nation Municipality has a by-law regarding firearms discharge? Read more about it below.


Highlights of the Firearms Discharge By-law 30-2021:

  • No person shall discharge a firearm in those areas being hamlets, villages,
    village limits, subdivisions, or any other built up area of the Nation Municipality or on
    any navigable water located within or adjacent to the areas mentioned above.
  • No person shall discharge a firearm:
    • on, over or across any highway or portion thereof;
    • on, over or across any public land within The Nation Municipality
      including parks, t h e St-Alb er t Conservation area, property
      owned by The Nation Municipality, school property,
      recreational areas, community center, community sports facility;
    • within 300 meters of any place of worship, community center,
      community sports facility, public hall or school property;
  • Exemptions do apply, see section 4 of By-law 30-2021.

For more information on hunting in Ontario, please consult the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.


The Nation Municipality does not issue ATV Club permits for trails.

For more information about trail permits and available trails in Eastern Ontario, please visit the ATV Club of Eastern Ontario’s website.

Black and white lottery balls in a machine


Municipalities have the authority to issue licenses for the majority of lotteries in their communities, including bingo licenses up to a $5,500 prize board, raffles up to $50,000, and most break open ticket lotteries.

The Criminal Code*

Section 206 makes it an indictable offence to participate in a lottery scheme in any manner. However, Section 207 provides an exemption for charitable and religious organizations to organize lotteries, provided that they are issued a license by the appropriate provincial authority.

The Role of Municipalities*

Municipalities have the authority to issue licenses for the majority of lotteries in their communities, including bingo licenses up to a $5,500 prize board, raffles up to $50,000, and most break open ticket lotteries.

Eligibility Guidelines – Questionnaire*

The following questions may be used to help assess the eligibility of the organization applying for a lottery license:

1. Which of the following four charitable objectives does the organization correspond to?

a) The relief of poverty;
b) The advancement of education;
c) The advancement of religion; or
d) Any other charitable purpose(s) beneficial to the community that does not fall under a, b or c.

If none of the above, the organization’s objectives should not be considered charitable.

2. Is the organization authorized to provide charitable services in Ontario and use the proceeds for objects or purposes that benefit Ontario residents?
3. Do the organization’s activities and their intended outcomes exclude or deny the benefits of these activities to any segment of the community?
4. Do the organization’s fundraising activities benefit a significant portion of the community?
5. Is the organization set up in such a way as to be considered independent of any other organization (legally, financially, administratively)?
6. Has the organization been in operation for at least one year and does it have a charitable mandate?
7. Is there a person or persons who will assume full responsibility for the event?
8. What will the proceeds of the event be used for and is the intended use consistent with the organization’s charitable objectives?
9. Does the organization have a place of business in Ontario?

*Entertainment Standards Branch, Lottery Licensing Policy Manual

What happens next?

Please complete the report form and mail or deliver in person to The Nation Municipality within 30 days after the event has taken place.

For more information

Please visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s web site. More information is also available in Section 206 and 207 of the Criminal Code.

Submit a Complaint

If you wish to submit a complaint by email, please do so complete the form below. All complaints are confidential and will be reviewed and answered within 24 hours, then filed accordingly.