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02The Nation Sports Complex

243 Limoges Rd, Limoges, Ontario

Thank you to the donors of The Nation Gets in Shape campaign!

03Recreational Activities

Fun in The Nation

04St-Isidore Arena & Outdoor Rinks

St-Isidore Arena

Outdoor Rinks

Thank you to all our local contractors who worked long hours maintaining the rinks to provide an exceptional community service!

The outdoor rinks are located in Fournier, St-Bernardin, St-Albert, Forest Park and Limoges.

Check out the conditions of outdoor skating rinks (Facebook.com).



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Bowling Alley at the St-Isidore Recreation Centre

06Summer Camps

Summer Camps in the area

Recreation Director

Carol Ann Scott

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Recreation Deputy Director

Justin Lafrance

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Manager of Community Programs & Services

Vincent Huneault

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This study aimed to determine the overall effectiveness of the Recreation Department; determine if the quality of services meets the needs of the citizens; and determine if there are opportunities for efficiencies.

The key themes that have emerged from the Service Review have provided the basis for opportunities to enhance the Departments’ efficiency and effectiveness, enhance customer service and ensure an appropriate level of resources to maintain current and future services and service levels.

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Residents in rural communities experience a unique environment and a distinct lived experience that is often well connected to the rural landscape. In addition, that outdoor experience is tightly woven into cultural, heritage and historical significance. Planning and development strategies – which include Parks and Recreation Master Plans – help rural municipalities create a healthier community and in turn a healthier population.

The Nation Municipality worked with the consulting group PRC Solutions to develop The Nation Municipality’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which sets out a vision, strategic objectives and key initiatives for the period 2020-2034. The master plan will serve as a policy framework to manage and sustain parks, recreation programs and facilities. It will guide decision-making for future capital and operational initiatives.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Status: currently in the Request for Proposal phase.

The Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) inspections for The Nation Municipality’s community centres were completed in January 2021 by McIntosh Perry and the reports were received at the end of March 2021.

Based on the building inspections, repairs were prioritized; costs for these repairs and replacement were provided for each building. A Facility Condition Index (FCI) is then calculated and the condition of the building is rated based on the FCI score.

The community centres received the following FCI scores:

  • St-Isidore Recreation Centre: 1.6% good condition
  • Fournier Community Centre: 2.6% good condition
  • Caledonia Community Centre: 6.1% fair condition
  • St-Albert Community Centre: 10.3% poor condition

For more information, please see the individual reports: