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Job market data and trend

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) reveals in a study released in September 2021 “How to Cope with the Labor Shortage: Hiring Difficulties Are Here to Stay - Thank You!”

“More than half (55%) of Canadian entrepreneurs struggle to hire the labor they need. This forces them to increase their working hours and those of their employees and to postpone or refuse orders. In addition, more than a quarter (26%) of entrepreneurs have difficulty retaining their employees. ”

The Nation Municipality initiatives 

Labor is the essential resource to accomplish any job. To this end, the Nation is acting at multiple levels with many regional partners to address the situation. Contact us for more information.

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Manager of Economic Development and Tourism
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Moving in?

Moving in — One of the services in French in The Nation

Always within a few degrees of separation from services in French, discover your future home in The Nation: "Plumber, electrician, heating, doctor, dentist, etc., you can find them all in the area. The majority of people in business are bilingual, francophone. There are houses, there is service, there is work, come on!"