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The annual Spring Clean-Up was held from June 1st to June 5th 2020.  See you next year!

Items that you can dispose of:

  • Stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers;
  • Refrigerators*, freezers* (doors and items must be removed), and air conditioners*;
  • Furniture, mattresses, toys, swings, lawn furniture, barrels, water tanks (empty);
  • Paint cans that are empty and open (no lids);
  • Items that are in clear bags only.

*items containing CFC must be tagged by a licensed technician that coolant has been removed

Items that will not be accepted:

  • Radioactive waste, PCB’s;
  • Biological waste;
  • Explosive waste (dynamite, ammunition);
  • Commercial/Industrial waste, unknown chemicals;
  • Household garbage and food waste;
  • Recyclable items picked up with regular recycling;
  • Waste of any nature that is prohibited at the waste disposal sites;
  • Construction or renovation waste (including rolls of carpeting);
  • Pathological waste, carcasses of animals, or animal/human feces;
  • Tires, electronics and electrics, grass clippings, leaves and branches (they are accepted free of charge at all municipal landfill sites);
  • Items placed in green or black garbage bags.
Note: ONLY residences and businesses (and farms) that use and are registered for municipal waste pick up will be serviced.