The Nation Municipality is looking for a contractor for the snow removal and maintenance at the Forest Park outdoor skating rink.


  1. At the beginning of the season, conduct flooding on the prepared base to establish an ample and resilient ice surface.
  2. On weekdays (Monday-Friday), the contractor shall remove snow from the entranceway and the rink before 4 pm. 
  3. During weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), the contractor shall remove snow from the entranceway and the rink before 11 am.
  4. To ensure optimal conditions, the rink shall undergo scraping and watering every second day, subject to favourable weather conditions.
  5. Evaluate and determine the optimal skating conditions, and responsibly manage the opening and closing of the rink and associated facilities as deemed suitable.
  6. Notify municipal personnel promptly of any instances of damage or vandalism and ensure the cleanliness of the skating rink vicinity by collecting and disposing of any litter.
  7. Maintain cleanliness in the building designated for putting on skates.
  8. Assigned keys are intended for the exclusive purpose of rink maintenance.
  9. The necessary snow removal equipment will be supplied by the contractor, and they bear responsibility for obtaining insurance coverage for the equipment.
  10. This agreement shall remain in force for the seasonal period from December 13th, 2023, to March 15th, 2024, contingent upon weather conditions.

Fore more information:
Andrew Hagen
Manager of Parks & Facilities
(613) 524-2522 ext. 5