Dear Landowners,

Please be advised that a special Council meeting will be held at 3:30 p.m. on June 24, 2024, at The Nation Municipality’s Town Hall, located at 958, Route 500 West in Casselman, to consider the Engineer’s Report for the DONAT LAFLÈCHE Municipal Drain. During this special meeting, a summary of the Engineer’s Report will be presented, and affected landowners and agencies may provide submissions. Council will consider the provisional adoption of said report.

If you do not attend this meeting, Council will proceed without you, however, you may submit your comments or questions in writing to the Clerk’s Office before 4:00pm June 17th, 2024. If your property is affected or is subject to the assessment for the proposed project, you will continue to receive the notices required under the Drainage Act.

The Engineer’s Report for the DONAT LAFLÈCHE Municipal Drain, dated May 2024, that will be presented to The Nation Municipality Council at a special meeting on June 24, 2024 is available on our municipal website at the following address: https://nationmun.ca/en/donatlafleche-municipal-drain

You can also participate online! This meeting will be live streamed on The Nation’s YouTube channel, where you submit comments and questions via the Live Chat feature (for which you must create an account for free): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX819jN5Te5_GKRgfdIB37g

If you require assistance to access the report or you would like to receive a hard copy of the report, please contact the Clerk’s Office by email at clerk@nationmun.ca or by phone at 613-764-5444 extension 228.

Any questions regarding the Engineer’s Report can be directed to Mr. Éric Leroux by email at lerouxconsultant@gmail.com or by phone at 613-223-9824.

Aimée Roy, Clerk
613-764-5444, extension 228

Consideration of Report – In accordance with O.Reg 500/21 – Section 8(7)Attachment: Prescribed Form, Notice of the Meeting to Consider Engineer Report

Ranger Municipal Drain Engineer Report

Engineer's presentation

to follow

Agenda for Special Meeting June 24, 2024

By-law to adopt the engineer's report - First and second readings