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The Nation Municipality strives to provide its residents efficient management of waste, recycling, water and sewer systems, while respecting the environment.

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Take advantage of free well water testing! 


Understanding Your Utility Bill 

NEW! If you request a reprint of your bill or a tax receipt, there will be a fee of $15.00.

Limoges Water and Sewer Master Plan

To view the Village of Limoges Potable Water and Wastewater Master Plan, Amendment Report – Water Supply, click here.

To view Appendix 1 of the above report: Pumping Test Results St-Pierre Road and Route 200 – Limoges Water System Expansion, click here.


To view the Notice of Filing of Amendment, click here.

To view the Village of Limoges Potable Water and Wastewater Master Plan Amendment Report, click here.

To view the Village of Limoges Water and Sewer Master Plan, click here.

Municipal Sewers

Municipal Sewer  613-524-2740

For Emergencies ONLY: 1-800-342-6442

Understanding Your Utility Bill 

For more information about your utility bill contact Jessica Prézeau,
613-764-5444 ext 234,

Potable Water and Wastewater Master Plan Village of Limoges

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan – Village of Limoges 

Municipal Water Systems


Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

2020 Drinking Water System Financial Plan 

Well Water Testing Factsheet by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit 


Limoges Water System

Potable Water and Wastewater Master Plan Village of Limoges

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan – Village of Limoges  

Water Meter Installation Program 

By-law 26-2008 and amendments – to enact rules and regulations for the installation, repair, maintenance and access to water meters and related appurtenances, including penalties and offences.


For Emergencies ONLY: 1-800-342-6442

Frequently asked questions

Q. I cannot see the numbers on my water meter. What should I do?
A. Point a flashlight on the meter and the numbers will appear.

Q. What should I do if there is a previous balance on my bill but I was not the owner at that time?
A. Consult your solicitor to verify if any adjustments were done.

Q. What should I do if I have difficulty with the mail and I’m not receiving my bills?
A. We have no control over Canada Post. Register on our website to receive your bills by email (e-billing).

Q. I have not received my invoice, can you credit the penalty?
A. No, you are responsible for keeping your account up to date. This is why the bills are always payable on the last business day of the month of January, April, July and October.

Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. -At one of our offices (Casselman or Fournier): cash, cheque or Debit;
-Pre-authorized electronic payments (no additional charge);
-On line through your financial institution;
-Credit card (e-payment) (on our website only with additional fees of 3%+$0.35 per transaction);
-After business hours, deposit your cheque in the drop box outside the office;
-Register with your financial institution to make payments at ATMs.

Q. I have a sticker on my bill that says that I have a water leak. What does it mean?
A. This is a courtesy message. It was possibly caused by a running tap or a toilet trap that was not closed tightly for a few hours. Do a house test: read your meter, wait 15 minutes, and read your meter again.

Q. There is a sticker on my bill that indicates “defective meter”. How do you know?
A. We mark the meter as defective if our machine does not register a signal when we read the meter. Often, this is caused by a dead battery. The technician must change it. Please schedule an appointment.

Q. How does the municipality estimate my consumption when my meter is defective?
A. It is estimated according to the last 4 to 6 readings. 3 to 4 weeks after installation, we will return to re-read the meter to make adjustments for the next billing.

Q. How do I make a change of address?
A. Send an email to:

Q. I want my tenant to pay the utility bills. How do I make the change?
A. No problem! Send us an email at, we will add his name to the account and the tenant will receive a copy of the bills. Please note, however, that the owner remains responsible for the account if the tenant does not pay.

Q. Is there a fee to open or close a utility account?
A. When we issue a final bill, there is a fee of $45.00 charged to the seller.

Q. I will be on vacation and will not be back on time for the next utility bill. What should I do?
A. You can register on our web site to receive your utility bills by email (E-Billing) or you can register for the preauthorized electronic payment program (no additional fees).

Q. Can you add the name of my partner on the utility bill?
A. There is only one field for the name, however, if you both have the same last name it is possible.
958, route 500 Ouest / West,
Casselman ON
K0A 1M0
T 613.764.5444 F 613.764.3310

Q. How can I read by water meter?
A. Point a flashlight on top of the meter and the numbers will appear.

Q. What happens if I do not pay the entirety of my bill?
A. The first day of each month we will add an interest fee of 1.25 % to the outstanding balance. The outstanding balance as of January 31st of each year will be added to your interim tax bill plus a $ 36.00 fee per service.

Q. What happens if my payment comes back as NSF (non-sufficient funds)?
A. A $ 20.00 fee will be added to your account plus interest fees, if applicable.

Q. What are the fees listed on my utility bill and what are they for?

Fees Description What are these fees for?
Eau/Water Cons Your water consumption in square metres; For water treatment;
Eau/Water Service Set rate to be hooked up to municipal water services; For the maintenance of pumping stations and water hydrants, and for the distribution;
Eau/Water Capital Set rate for the infrastructure; For the maintenance of the future infrastructure;
Égout/Sewer Set rate to be hooked up to the municipal sewer system; For the maintenance and treatment of the lagoons and for the community septic fields;


Q. How can I reduce my water consumption?
A. Here are some easy ways to reduce water consumption: shut off the water tap while brushing your teeth or install a water barrel to collect rain water to water your garden or flowers.

Q. What happens if Canada Post goes on strike? 
A. You are responsible to keep your account in good standing despite any interruptions to the postal service. To avoid accumulating interest fees, you can apply payments to your account through online banking services or through pre-authorized payments. We also encourage you to subscribe to the online billing service found on our website.

Q. What is the cost of a water meter?
A. $400.00 without taxes – see By-law no 26-2008 and its amendments (129-2008 and 117-2016)

Q. I checked my account online, and the balance that is due is high. Why?
A. Only the invoices appear on the account, payments or credits do not.

Q. Where do I go to see my invoice in my online account?
A. Please visit our website and go to the tab “Resident Services” and the sub-tab “e-Billing and e-Payment


Jessica Prézeau – 613-764-5444 ext 234,